Buyer's Broker Advantages

We Always Represent You, Fairly!

1. Stronger negotiating position that saves you money!
2. More efficient financing and buying process that saves you time!
3. Careful investigation of a property's condition using recommended property inspections.
4. Thorough explanation of the required property disclosures
5. No "Dual Agency" - you have our undivided loyalty because we represent only you.
6. No conflict of interest - as your Buyer's Broker, we work only for you.
7. Highest level of diligence, loyalty and dedicated service to you as the Buyer.
8. Wise, professional advice means a better overall investment.
9. Personal care in your transaction results in your success and satisfaction!

Fact or Fiction? A Quiz for Home Buyers

Test Your Knowledge on Buyer Agency and Representation!

Fiction: Any Real Estate Agent that shows you homes is “your” Agent.

FACT:  Real Estate Agents are legally bound to the Seller. They don’t work for the Buyer…unless the Buyer hires a Buyer’s Broker who owes the BUYER, not the Seller, allegiance. 

Fiction: It is okay for you, as a Buyer, to give confidential personal and financial information to any Real Estate Agent who shows you homes.

FACT: Real Estate Agents are required by law to reveal to the Seller any financial information the Agent knows about the Buyer…unless the Buyer hires a Buyer’s Broker who represents the BUYER, not the Seller, both confidentially and exclusively! 

Fiction: When any Real Estate Agent who showed you homes presents your offer to the Seller, that Agent will always try to get you the best value on that home. 

FACT: A Real Estate Agent is required to get the best price they can for the Seller because they represent the Seller, not the Buyer…unless the Buyer hires a Buyer’s Broker who aggressively negotiates on the BUYER’S behalf.